IPAN N4Works Masces

Meteorological Application for Security Risks, Cataclysms and Emergency Situations

In order to monitor the progress of the Online Atmospheric System, 24 Hours, developed in conjunction with the N4Works company, one of the modern world security applications, IPAN Masces.

Used for data and statistics BiometeoFisica, science developed by IPAN in Teresopolis, which is based on the layout of graphics and lines within a system, unique colors that expand or retract with a monitoring done 24 hours a day updated every 10 minutes, the analysis of a particular atmosphere is made.

Integrated into a secure information Meteorological Station it will provide, in a distance of about 100 nautical miles (160 km) changes in all elements of Biometeofísica.

We have created a system where these developments contain a history of improvement and real-time monitoring, providing the government / city online monitoring 24 hours of atmospheric elements and their cataclysms, such as occurred in the mountainous region of Rio de Janeiro, more precisely in Teresopolis, the city chosen to host the IPAN Masces application.

Aplicativo IPAN Masces

The IPAN Masces was created with a focus on various applications

  • Governments and Authorities

    Federal, State or Municipal Governments, Civil Defences, Fire Department, Industrial Complexes, will receive weather information in real time and alerts critical levels, which will provide them guidelines and directions to take in emergency situations.

  • Safeguard Human Lives

    The application presents weather information which IPAN measures 24 hours a day, and it will alert when it reaches the critical meteorological indices prescribed by the Civil Defense and local or Fire Department.

  • Airports

    Allows the commander and flight crew to know all the information of that particular airport, including all local atmospheric data, new and urgent facts in the airport area that should be passed on to users.

  • Military purposes and Logistics

    Allows a clean, easy to grasp communication, Networking, Custom graphics, Intendance, Inventory control.

  • Atmospheric measurement without time constraints.

    For those who show interest in studying the atmosphere with concrete data, after registering, the application its upmost performance, taking into account that the readings and scope will be produced by the buyer of IPAN Masces.

  • Long Distance study of the biosphere

    In Teresopolis, host city of IPAN Masces, we provide complete meteorological records, measured in our meteorological station recorded since 12/18/2012, giving us excellent indication of the local weather changes.

  • Industrial centers and factories

    Allow large factories direct communication with your employees, and keep them informed about new technologies or information about the plant and its industrial line, serves as an application guide for additional information, and may even contain educational games

Download the IPAN MASCES for your device

  • Weather information updated in real time
  • Historical data found
  • News and information about the IPAN

Meet the Biometeophysics

Newton's theory and its Meteorological Application

In 1667, Newton, through the glass prism decomposed white light into spectral colors (red, violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange).

In 2002, we created at the IPAN-Itaguai the Biometeophysics: the science that studies the meteorological phenomena using indexes, based on Newton’s Prism vertical sequence of colors.

We also use physical acceleration of masses, meteorology, astronomy and cartography for demonstration of his theories.

Let us look to the fact that we use a method where the colors in these circles interact, receiving or giving energy to prismatic color sequence, associating thus such colors to the spatial and meteorological elements of any star or planet. A single compensation system that already happens in the universe.

It also studies the atmospheric limits in our solar system on marine life, land and air beings.

Studies each element separately and their dependence on their Mother Star.

We will monitor the atmosphere and the climatological evolution of the earth system, using a color shock system and its variations compensation equations created by the author.

In additpon, Biometeophysics seachers for space, atmospheric and weather solutions, using their own developed techniques, giving each color an index into the dependence of the Astronomical and meteorological system in relation to their stars, from which its radiation derives.

We also strive to seek to troubleshoot serious natural or not atmospheric problems, using the a system called for atmospheric compensation.

We are building filters for simple programs effectively contribute to the harmonious balance between our space, terrestrial and atmospheric elements.

Learn more in the book The Foundations of Biometeofisíca and biometeofisica.com site.

Diagrama Biometafisica